kanoko portraitPhotographer:Min Kyung Choi

果乃子 / Kanoko
アーティスト / Artist
東京都在住 / Tokyo, Japan

Kanoko is a Tokyo-based artist working mainly in the field of acrylic painting. She studied business administration at the Gakusyuin University(Tokyo), and later studied the classical Italian technique of restoring oil, tempera paintings, and gilding gold leaves on frames at the Aoki Arts Conservation and Restoration Studio(Yokohama). Ranging from mythology to music, she draws a wide variety of cultures of everyday people living in the modern world. Her inspirations come from the British culture and French and Polish films. During her stay in England as a college student, she was specifically attracted to  British rock music. She creates scenes that are inspired by the lyrics, and her works have a cynical perspective with a sense of melancholy. She is always thinking about the human desire for relationships, especially relating to love. Why does love end? Why do people continue to love someone? She draws various lovers who, on the outside, seem content, but on the inside, a dark and lingering air reveals their complicated differences. 

In 2018 she joined the Human Museum 2018 presented by the Tambourin Gallery (Tokyo). In 2019, she sold out her works on the web.

Kanokoは主にアクリル絵画、イラストレーション、Mixed Mediaの分野で活動する東京在住のアーティストである。大学で経営学を学んだ後、イタリア古典絵画修復の技術を学ぶ。神話からロックまで様々な文化を現代の日常を生きる人々として描く。英国文化、フランス映画、ポーランド映画、特に大学時代、語学を学んだ英国滞在時に傾倒したUKミュージックシーンから受けた影響が大きく 、シニカルでメランコリックな作風を特徴とする。隠された暗示的表現も得意とし、 どこか灰色な空気感で人々の危うい愛の関係性を表現する。主な展示は2018年タンバリンギャラリーHuman Museum 2018(Tokyo)、2019年ウェブショップで販売した作品が完売となる。